Content strategy

"Content is key": Content is a true asset on the web, provided it is qualitative, useful and appealing.

Editorial and social strategy

Asserting a brand image, developing online visibility, converting your visitors into adepts… all these aspects require efficient communication in the digital and social media. Using your objectives (KPIs), we design the adequate editorial strategy 2.0: messages, zones, editorial style, format for the content to be created and conveyed.

Information architecture

In order to guide web users efficiently and provide them with the information they seek, we base our approach on the user needs. Our deliverables:

  • coherent headings designed to facilitate browsing,
  • fluid browsing scenarios, both for desktop and mobile,
  • wireframes designed to ensure a dynamic reading experience.

Editorial & multimedia content

Corporate content, storytelling, brand content… we create inspired content: reference documents, interviews with experts, staff portraits, films, graphics design, web documentaries, and much more.

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