Web & mobile integration

From 27’’ displays on smartphones, including tablets and connected TV, our interfaces adapt to the new usages.

Front-end development

We design functional and intuitive interfaces that implement the latest technologies: templates HTML5 / CSS3, interaction with jQuery framework, Media Queries…

We pay particular attention to accessibility: rigorous semantics, French referential RGAA, interoperability of platforms and browsers, etc.

Responsive Web design

Regardless of the screen resolution and material, we design interfaces that offer optimal browsing experience: modular architecture, flexible images and grids, progressive data loading, automatic resizing of visual elements, contextual management of media…

Mobile sites & apps

Push notifications, direct access to content, off-line mode… A mobile app is sometimes better suited that a mobile version of your website. We can develop apps for iOS and Android, and for use on tablets or smartphones.

Screen capture of website